Access to paradigm 4.0 for SMEs and the self-employed

Welcome to Crow’s Nest! To inaugurate this blog, let’s talk a little about our business initiative with which we want to facilitate access to the 4.0 paradigm for all types of organizations, regardless of their size and technological maturity. In particular, we address all those SMEs and self-employed who, even having identified this strategic need, do not decide to take the step for fear that the implementation process will generate changes that adversely affect their activity, or because they estimate that the disbursement important economic in a field that is still presumed with an “uncertain” result.

We offer the solution to these concerns with an innovative approach that avoids the usual difficulties associated with the complicated and expensive tools that proliferate so much today.

Instead of Business Intelligence platforms or data exploitation and analysis that involve the implementation of “novel” work procedures, we have focused on the extraction of reliable operational data when, where and how it is produced, so that they are at your disposal for a future analysis (planned or not) and you can extract all “that” information you may need. Take a look on our website!

It is true that feedback is the basis for continuous improvement, but it is far from being effective if a complete and credible source is not available to analyze. After all, today’s success lies in excellence. That is why we propose the creation of your own technological environment that allows you to have tools for the effective registration of data from your own processes together with the possibility of storing them for further analysis where and as you deem appropriate. Surely, this will be the basis of knowledge on which to base the decision-making that gives you a position of sustainable competitive advantage, at the same time as a certain flexibility in the face of constant avatars and changes of tendencies to which every environment is subjected. business today.

As important or more than the quantity of data, is the quality of the same; and the latter improves the greater your capacity to reproduce the reality of your daily work. Therefore, we have focused on this phase: the generation of data from your activity while improving your operational efficiency; all intuitively, with little training and interference in your daily activity, without requiring additional resources (human and economic).

We know that only with the right tools and support for your business model will you achieve your correct technological evolution and our eagerness is that while you choose how to do it or gather the resources for it, do not give up being prepared for what is coming (artificial intelligence, big data , internet of things, etc.). Our solution is compatible with any analysis option you choose!

Each day that passes, is a day that you stop registering and, therefore, that you lose the opportunity for improvement and savings of resources and costs.

Do not wait any longer and take your first big step: generate today the reliable data repository that you will surely need tomorrow.

Contact us without obligation and tell us your case. We will make technology the one that suits you – and not the other way around – with simple, economic, personalized and sustainable solutions over time.